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Facials / Skin Treatments

Pamper your skin with masks that are unequalled, you're going to see your skin glowing, more luminous, hydrated, quite honestly it's going to be in its optimum condition, the best skin you've ever had.

  • Detan Facial
  • Gold Shine Facial
  • Oxyblast Facial
  • Insta Glow Facial
  • Ever Youth Facial
  • Skin D'lite Facial
  • Berry Berry Facial
  • Fair & Glow Facial
  • Dead Sea Mineral Facial
  • Skin Lightening Facial
  • Sheer Radiance Facial
    Express Facials
  • Classic Clean Up
  • Acne Clean Up
  • Skin Treatments
  • Renew Age
  • De-Pigmentation
Bridal Makeup

Personal & distinct looks created through intensive make-up trial sessions with experts. Unique Skin and hair care regimens through personalized consultation to prepare bride and groom as early as two months before the wedding Bridal Make-up, hair styling and party make-up in a variety of packages inclusive of a complete make-up trail, Private bridal studios to get ready for the wedding at any of Our Salons or the flexibility of our make-up artists coming to the wedding venue. Bridal services are attended by the senior make-up artist or an expert on a special booking. We provide Special wedding Packages, Bridal make-up by MAC & Airbrush Experts.

    Pre-Bridal Packages
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Face & Neck Detan
  • Gold Shine Facial
  • Premium Waxing(FA+FL+UA)
  • Rejuvenating Pedicure
  • Rejuvenating Manicure
  • Platinum Perfect
  • Classic Hair Spa
  • Skin Lightening Facial
  • Exotic Manicure
  • Exotic Pedicure
  • Full Body Waxing Premium
  • Diamond Shine
  • Enrich Hair Spa
  • Sheer Radiance Facial
  • Pearl Radiance Spa Manicure
  • Pearl Radiance Spa Pssedicure
  • Full Body Waxing Premium
  • Full Body Detan
    Make-Up Packages
    Bride Make-up(Includes Makeup, Hair do & Saree Draping)
  • Picture Perfect Bride
  • Mesmerizing MAC
  • Air Brushed Princess
  • Friends Of Bride
  • Friends of Bride(Makeup + Hair do + Saree Draping)
  • 5 Members Package
  • 10 Members Package
  • Party Looks
  • Party Make-up
  • Party Hair-do
  • Saree Draping
  • Bridal Hair-do
  • For a free trial session please call to One of Our Salons
Nail Art

Nail extensions done with a variety of finishing like natural nails, French tip, glass tip and gel nails. Vibrant and trendy nail art skilled team of technicians extensively trained by international experts from Sally Hansen and Nubar.

    Nail Bar
    Nail Lacquer
  • Diamond Shine
  • Sally's GSM
  • Miracle Gel
  • OPI
    Nail Art
  • Diamond Shine
  • Sally's GSM
  • Miracle Gel
  • OPI
  • Nail Extensions & Forms(Coming Soon)
Facials / Skin Treatments

Face Cleanup

Face clean up is very necessary in this time when pollution is the biggest enemy for your skin. Regular face clean up lifts off the dirt particles from your skin and make your skin look squeaky clean .In the process of clean up, your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized .Clean up helps to keep harmful bacteria, dirt ,sweat ,pollution at bay. These get stuck to your face leading to break out .So face clean up is very beneficial for warding off acne and pimples also.

Apart from these, clean up provides proper blood circulation to your skin leading to a rosy and pink complexion.

If you do not have a time for a full facial ,then face clean up is a good option for you a get glowing and luminous skin.



A facial is essentially a multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and can help your skin look younger. You also receive advice on the best way to take care of your skin. A facial works best when it is part of an on-going program of skin care.

Though facials are commonly thought of as a form of pampering, the skin treatment is not simply a frivolous luxury. The many benefits that facials have on your skin make it a treatment worth investing in, whether you have your treatment done at a spa or do it yourself at home.

A facial involves several steps that will improve the overall look and feel of your complexion.


Face Bleaching

Bleaching the skin is one of the most traditional ways to brighten dark spots and even out the skin tone. Instead of spending hundreds of thousand bucks on expensive dermatologist visits and temporary/permanent laser treatments, one can always opt for Bleach.

Bleaching service for skin at Qb Spa is usually a process of applying the natural bleaching agents on your skin and removing the agents after 5-6 minutes.

Bleaching Face and Neck
Bleaching Full Back
Bleaching Full Hands
Bleaching Half Back
Bleaching Half Hands
Full Body Bleach

Face Bleaching

Facial Masks

A facial mask takes place after cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions and massage during a professional facial. Facial masks treat your particular skin type or condition. If you're dry or dehydrated, the facial mask should hydrate your skin. If your skin is red or inflamed, the mask should calm and soothe. If your skin is oily and congested, the facial mask can help draw out impurities from the skin.

Facial masks generally stay on your skin for 10-15 minutes and contain ingredients like clay, black moor mud, aloe vera, seaweed, algae, essential oils, massage oils, herbs and vitamins. After the mask has done its work, the esthetician removes it and completes the facial with application of toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm and if it's day-time, sunscreen.

There are a few different types of masks. Clay masks help draw oil and dirt to the surface of the skin. They contain clay, kaolin or bentonite for their tightening and sebum-absorbing effects.

Cream masks or gel masks are formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin. Setting masks harden into a rubbery state and esthetician peels them off at the end. These are cool and refreshing masks, but not that common because they're tricky to work with.

Facial Masks

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